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Season 02, Episode 01 – “The Opposite of Hallelujah”

In the Season 2 premiere, Nolan’s search for Irisa leads him to “New Chicago” and “Angel Arc” Los Angeles. Meanwhile, back in Defiance, the Earth Republic appoints a charming, calculating and ambitious man named Niles Pottinger as mayor.



Season 02, Episode 02 – “In My Secret Life”

Irisa is arrested upon her return to Defiance, but Nolan can arrange her release by capturing those responsible for an explosion that nearly killed Mayor Pottinger. Meanwhile, Stahma decides the only way to stay in control of her family’s criminal enterprises is by ensuring that Datak stays behind bars.



Season 02, Episode 03 – “The Cord and the Ax”

Irisa continues to experience blackouts at a terrifying and increasing rate, but she tries to keep a worried Nolan in the dark about her situation; and under Stahma’s self-appointed leadership, the Tarr family business prospers, while an increasingly suspicious Datak remains locked up behind bars.



Season 02, Episode 04 – “Beasts of Burden”

Nolan is ordered to hunt down and destroy those responsible for a vicious attack in the badlands on a badly shaken Pottinger and his caravan. Tensions flare when Nolan’s investigation turns up evidence implicating one of Rafe’s miners. Meanwhile, Datak sets his vengeful sights on reclaiming control over the family business.



Season 02, Episode 05 – “Put the Damage On”

Amanda has a stalker, which has dangerouis ramifications for the entire town.



Season 02, Episode 06 – “This Woman’s Work

Nolan and Niles must contend with a dangerous alien aboard a crashed ship. Meanwhile, Stahma faces the consequences of taking power as a woman, and Irisa confides in Tommy.



Season 02, Episode 07 – “If You Could See Her Through My Eyes”

Datak turns to an unlikely ally for help after he’s framed for a bizarre murder; and a mysterious stranger leads Irisa to discover more about her destiny.



Season 02, Episode 08 – “Slouchin Towards Bethlehem”

Nolan interrogates a suspected Votanis Collective spy in an effort to prevent a cataclysmic terrorist attack on New York.



Season 02, Episode 09 – “Painted From Memory

Doc Yewll works to keep her dark secret from coming out.






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