Knightfall Season 1

Knightfall tells the mysterious but true stories of the Knights Templar, the elite warriors of the Crusades.




Episode 1:  You’d Know What to Do

After the battle of Acre, we join the Knights Templar in Paris where Landry, a veteran of the Holy Wars, fears that the Order has lost its way. When the blood of a brother is shed, Landry and the Templars are forced to take up their swords again.


Episode 2:  Find Us the Grail

Landry and Parsifal search for a killer. The unexpected arrival of Pope Boniface in Paris threatens De Nogaret’s carefully laid plans.


Episode 3:  The Black Wolf and the White Wolf

On the Pope’s orders, Landry and Tancrede travel to investigate the Holy Grail’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, the plotting behind the royal wedding becomes deadly.


Episode 4:  He Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God

A pagan helps Landry search his past. Gawain conducts a murder investigation. Princess Isabella is betrayed.


Episode 5:  Hard Blows Will Banish the Sin

Tensions are high during Isabella’s wedding preparations. Fearing an attack, King Philip asks Landry and the Knights Templar for their help in protecting the palace.


Episode 6:  The Pilgrimage of Chains

We don’t have a summary for The Pilgrimage of Chains yet. Hang in there, or go ahead and contribute one.


Episode 7:  And Certainly Not the Cripple


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