The Twins' Code (2013)The Twins’ Code (2013)

Genre: Action, Thriller

The financial crisis sweeping the globe, in order to avoid contagion, billionaire Lingzhi Xiong (Law Ka Ying ornaments) will heavily overseas bank account information sealed in crystal U disk necklace, hanging on her neck. Lingzhi Xiong tricks, designed in two U disk password, even if the necklace lost, can never expect someone to steal internal information. Billions of dollars lure so many people covet, and soon Houling Dan was killed in a car accident, the necklace was missing. Financial predators Steve (Xing ornaments) determined several lifetimes to get enough of this windfall, he laid a dragnet. Detective Robert (Ji Feilong ornaments) involved in the case investigation, the United States and Hong Kong Police Investigation Division have also intervene, the case was caught in the puzzle. Just then, a woman who looks like Ling Dan appeared

Release Date: 8 November 2013

Runtime: 93 mins

Subtitles: English

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