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Welcome to ULTRA-BLOG its our new  daily blog of wtf is going on here at your favorite movie site- ultra-vid.com.

Today we will be adding 2 new comedy sub-sections

Sci-Com:  a hybrid  of you guessed it, sci-fi and comedy. It seems every summer produces at least 1 memorable worth watching film in this underused genre. So heres our picks for you to enjoy!

SpoCom: the blend of comedy and sports in movies. This genre has not had a big hit for awhile, but heres 12 we think are worth a view!

BTW, you can find these 2 new categories in the Categories section, if you don’t see your favorite or think theres a film we should add, then leave us a note.

*** check the homepage  on Thursday / Friday [ depending on your timezone ] for an early cam copy of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

As always thankyou for your loyalty and support.

Cheers~ Dix Steele


your ultra-vid admin.s debating Transformers 4 



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