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20 years after evil angels descended from Heaven to lay waste to the human souls they felt God had favored over them, a reluctant “savior” must arise to protect Vega, the last remaining stronghold of humanity.


Dominion Season 1


Season 01, Episode 01 — Pilot

[Special Runtime: 90 Min.]

A soldier finds out he has been selected as the “chosen one,” who has to lead humanity and end the shocking war with the angels for good.

Season 01, Episode 02 – “Godspeed”

Alex rejects his new role as the Chosen One, but then a sleeper threat in Vega forces him to spring into action and protect the ones he loves. Meanwhile, Michael meets with Gabriel one last time before the war between angels and mankind reignites; and Gen. Riesen and David Whele try to tie up loose ends.

Season 01, Episode 03 – “Broken Places”

Alex hopes to leave his responsibilities as the Chosen One behind by leaving Vega, but instead, ends up fighting for his life alongside Michael in a battle with Gabriel’s forces. Elsewhere, Riesen goes too far in the name of security; Claire makes a personal sacrifice for the people; and Arika receives a deadly message from her homeland.

Season 01, Episode 04 – “The Flood”

A powerful Vega senator takes the city’s leaders and food supply hostage, demanding the Chosen One’s secret identity be made public; at the same time, Michael is called to a family meeting of archangels, including Gabriel; and Claire goes against the majority.

Season 01, Episode 05 – “Something Borrowed”

Alex begins his training with Michael, but soon after has a vision that causes him to go rogue during an Archangel Corps mission. Elsewhere, Claire goes out on a limb to protect Riesen, however she can’t stop his long-held secrets from coming back to haunt him; and David makes a move to secure his power.

Season 01, Episode 05 – “Black Eyes Blue”

Claire and her mother come face to face, William takes action against his father, and an angel is loose in Vega.

Season 01, Episode 07 – “Ouroboros”

Alex is called upon by Michael to help prevent any further casualties after innocent higher angels turn up dead in Vega; at the same time, Gabriel causes tension by revealing a long-hidden secret; William “re-educates” his father; and Noma reignites an old flame.

Season 01, Episode 08 – “Beware Those Closest to You”

In the Season 1 finale, the revelation of a higher angel’s identity puts Alex and Michael at odds and Alex goes before the Senate to plead his case. Meanwhile, the marriage of Claire and William is followed by General Riesen’s departure from Vega; Arika meets a delegation from Helena who bring with them shocking cargo; and Gabriel raises some suspicions with his so-called surrender.



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