Remnants (2014)

Genres: Action | Drama | Sci-Fi

A catastrophic solar flare plunges Earth into global darkness. As society teeters on the edge of total anarchy, President Marshall Erwin (Wilbur Fitzgerald) and top government officials, including General Vincent Tate (Tom Sizemore), are swept away to a cold-war bunker in search of a solution. While the politicians fight insanity and each other, a group of middle-class suburbanites, lead by former local news producer Art Bernard (Robert Pralgo), take survival into their own hands. With bullets and seeds, this neighborhood of school teachers and businessmen transform themselves into a village of self-sustaining warriors. Can they hold on until power is restored, or will they fall to the starving masses?

Stars: Tom Sizemore, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Alex Van

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Released: USA 28 January 2014

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