The Odd Way Home (2013)The Odd Way Home (2014)


Two strangers, each living at the edges of society, are fatefully united for a harrowing and inspirational journey through the enchanting vistas of New Mexico. A passionate young woman escaping her abusive past, and a reclusive young man with Autism, take a journey that redefines the notion of family.

Starring: Rumer Willis, Chris Marquette, Veronica Cartwright

In Theaters: May 30, 2014

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  1. Plot Summary
    The oddest couple takes an unforgettable journey through the American Southwest, finding happiness in the unlikeliest of places and seeing in each other what no one else has seen before. Maya is a product of childhood abuse who escapes her shattered life in Los Angeles and meets Duncan, a hermit from a tiny town. He is socially awkward and a slave to pattern and routine, but a master of map-making and directions. Their journey teaches Maya to care for someone else and takes Duncan into a new world. Their road trip is filled with unexpected surprises and hard realities that redefine the notion of family.

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